Splatterkore Lunar Cult

I was asked by Extrem a simple question about our use of the lunar cycles to release music within ‘Splatterkore...’

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Extrem Presents Splatterkore!! Thursday 25/02/2016
Lauschangriff Rigaerstr 103, 10247
Berlin DE 


Every Thursday Extrem hosts events in Lauschangriff in collaboration with Berlin-based underground music-collectives: Splatterkore, Oscilloplexe (Freakwenz), Kaometry and Grundfrequenz.

Post-launch, Splatterkore will be kicking a$$ every 3rd Thursday of the month. 
Check the site http://extrem.berlin/ for the full program

)o( Line-Up )o(

>> 2LAVE RAC3 (UK) - original founding member of Splatterkore, previously manifested as Junkie Kut/Omnipresence launches today! Live acid rave/DJ set.

>>CopKilla (ROM) - frantic, experimental crossover. DJ

>>DEFCE (USA) - Absolutely uncensored LIVE

>>DuranDuranDuran (USA) - https://soundcloud.com/duranduranduran

>>Fexomat (DE) - Voodoo jungle brew with a bit of everything in. Perfectly mixed for turning you into some wild awesome creature.

Splatterkore combines forces with Extrem Berlin!

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a monthly showcase in collaboration with Extrem Berlin music collective. We launch on the 4th Thursday of February 25/02/2016. Line-up is to be confirmed shortly!

Following that, we take over every 3rd Thursday of the month. 17/03, 21/04 etc. If you are interested in performing please get in touch. 

Here is the program so far:

       #1 First Thursdays: Extrem Berlin

       #2 Second Thursdays: Freakwenz

       #3 Third Thursdays: Splatterkore Reck-ords

       #4 Fourth Thursdays: Grundfrequenz

       #5 Fifth Thursdays: Kaometry

Unravel the ancient golden cages of structure and geometry, it's all nothing. Nothing but beautiful quotidian depression, reduction, patterns repeated over and over again.. take it down and make it yours because it will be the only thing you will ever own. Fuck what's already there, we are the destroyers and the creators. Join us in hallucinating into the future together. 

Happy Post-Apocalypse!!!!

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YO!! I want to take this moment to thank you all for the ongoing support. As you read this, you are levelling up in motivation and inspiration to create and connect more (get involved in Sonic Alchemy, it's really open to everyone) :) It's been great receiving your e-mails and music. I had a huge whiplash-inducing turn of fate/intense Rite of Passage in 2015 which has kept me offline for most of the year and coming back to Splatterkore is like being back with family. For those who didn't get replies and felt the murky suspiscion I didn't give a shit, thank you for understanding that it wasn't that and that I care more than you think. I hope you found some other outlets for your work in the meantime. Anyway, fuck that year, I'm back. Keep it coming, show us what you're fucking made of!!!!! :)

It's a rather busy time right now in subterranean music land and lots of people are releasing and sharing. To keep the space, there is nothing new from us until later in January. However, here is what's been coming out from our friends:

As an antidote for the cold days, Anti-Narcose and Entity teamed up for this special co-release.
Annwn – Dutch-born, Bangkok-based sounddesigner who also manages the Anti-Narcose semi-netlabel – intrudes your senses in the most beautiful of incoherent ways.
If you can stomach the radioactive remains of forgotten experimental sci-fi speedcore adventures, and maybe, just maybe if you have a good ear for abstract sounds and ingenious polymorphic structures, you are sure to appreciate the 5 tracks that we have prepared for you.
01 - HFK, Midlle M - Redondance Cyclik
02 - HFK, Embryoner - Hecatombe Pluridimensionel
03 - Trackloader - Malsain
04 - Krozen - Etoile Morte
05 - I.N.D - Feminity
06 - Laboureur - Tableau Noir
07 - Desolation - Kaotik Noise Addict
08 - Ohmegasir - Delties Of Death
09 - Atomhead - Memories Forgotten
10 - Middle M - Calvaire
11 - Kainomed - Initialisation Protocol
12 - HFK, Trackloader - Z

01 - Convectorh - Hexadn
02 - LNNDL - Grey Journey
03 - Mr.Porc - Experimentation Bucal
04 - BWK - Vortex
05 - Oleksander - Au Goulag Les Moldus
06 - Icoste - The Beast With A Thousand Souls
07 - Mr.Porc - Cybertron
08 - Lawrencium, Mr.Porc - Organiquement Derengé
09 - La Foudre - Librearte Rmx
10 - Gridbug - Noaa
11 - Mr.Porc - Spaciale Blast
12 - Letal Ataraxia - Noise In My Head
13 - La Peste - Les Archanges De La Dislocation


released December 20, 2015

Written By - Bourinage Mental
Mastered By - Mr Porc / Armaguet Nad / HFK / I.N.D
Artwork by - HFK / ArtkeNologik Graphics VRP



And lastly, I wish to dedicate this post to the tragic loss of one of my dearest friends and SK support machine, Chris S aka Chaotic. You blew my tiny brain with your epic kindness. Never forgotten. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!! :)