[SK076] Coredyceps - Magick

We call upon your ears for the final net-release. Here's to new beginings and powerful changes!


Friday 20th March 2015- Solar Eclipse/New Moon Release

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Underground psychedelic sound wizard 'Coredyceps' summons his sounds from deep shamanic realms and magical worlds and grounds them with the intensity of fast trancey basslines and hard kicks.
Sparkly and enchanting as it is energizing and mind-bending, Coredyceps discovered Splatterkore
on the secret dancefloors of Berlin, started producing and quickly rose up to become one of the masters of psycore bringing new sounds to speedcore parties and this is only the beginning...

01. Chaos Magick
02. Aghoritus
03. At Sea
04. The Amalantrah Working
05. Chymical Wedding
06. Alchemy
07. Golem
08. The Abyss
09. Katharsis
10. Necromantic

All Tracks produced and mastered by Coredyceps



The End of the Net-Label

Thank you everyone :) ��

facebook migrated our account

Today Facebook denied access to my profile and migrated Splatterkore's data into one of their so-called 'Pages' lying lifelessly around on the site.

Considering the audience and connections we accumulated on the site, Our first official page post only reached 5% of them. We could boost that if we paid for the publicity. 

Sooner or later I knew the most popular (anti)-social media site would do this. It has highlighted to me the meaninglessness of the whole thing and how easily it is to reduce your online archive to dust and dregs. 

See ya Facebukkake..!  Please payattention to other channels for more from us. Things are expanding!:)