The End of the Net-Label

Thank you everyone :) ��

facebook migrated our account

Today Facebook denied access to my profile and migrated Splatterkore's data into one of their so-called 'Pages' lying lifelessly around on the site.

Considering the audience and connections we accumulated on the site, Our first official page post only reached 5% of them. We could boost that if we paid for the publicity. 

Sooner or later I knew the most popular (anti)-social media site would do this. It has highlighted to me the meaninglessness of the whole thing and how easily it is to reduce your online archive to dust and dregs. 

See ya Facebukkake..!  Please payattention to other channels for more from us. Things are expanding!:)

[SK075] Thunder VIP - Veiled

Thunder VIP

Wednesday 31st December – New Year Release

Download WAV

Thunder VIP, a long active artist within Splatterkore is back again this New Year with his long-awaited experimental electronic cinematic masterpiece ‘Veiled’. 

 Thank you for taking the time to download my music. The Thunder V.I.P project has developed into something that covers an eclectic range of music, so I appreciate those of you that have given this release a try. As with everything in life, my music taste and compositional style is ever evolving, and I believe that this is essential to maintain an interesting output. I need to say a big thankyou to Splatterkore Reckords for providing a platform to expose my music without ever questioning my art, and Adam Prior from Cryosonica and Lithium Vein for guitars and the excellent remix of All These Precious Things. – Thunder VIP

01. Immersion
02. Pressing Down
03. All these Precious Things
04. Clouds Grow Darker
05. All these Precious Things (Cryosonica Remix)

All Tracks produced by Thunder VIP